Tough Day

Today was a bit stressful. I made it ok until the evening, then my little bit of depression gave way. If I was not abstaining from sweets, I would have probably eaten all of the Oreos in the pantry. (Just being real!) But instead, I ate quite a few Ritz crackers and cream cheese.

Ugh. I know when I am eating for emotional reasons, but I just gave in...I was weak and didn't fight the temptation.

On a positive note, all went well today until this evening. :-)

Praise the Lord, His grace is sufficient!


Today was a pretty good day. I am abstaining from sweets for three days (through Wednesday) so that took away a lot of my usual temptations.

I counted calories today (which I do helps me to stay on track) and I am ending the day with 1720. My usual is like 2000-2500 since I run most mornings, but yesterday was a pretty big (bad) eating day for me so I naturally wasn't as hungry today.

Break Over

I think. :-)

I plan to start up posting here again. I feel a need to keep track of my eating but careful not to get obsessed. I may not log everything...but will try and check in daily to record how my eating is my goal is to not be a glutton and to not go to food for emotional needs. At the same time, I need to be careful not to let watching my eating become too big of a part of my thought life. I want the balance between not taking notice and taking too much notice.

This "diary" is mainly for myself, but I welcome visitors and comments if you feel led.

Taking A Break.

I haven't been on in while. Here is what you missed. I weighed in at 129 (up 0.5) and had a pretty hard time with it. After some prayer and counsel from my hubby, I have decided to take a break from logging and weighing in. The fact is, I reached my goal (130) and I don't really need to lose more, although I would like to. I don't want to get back into the bad thinking I was into before where I was obsessive about being thin.

I will still be keeping a watchful and prayerful eye on you, Cristina! :-)

Tuesday's Weigh-In (Better Late Than Never!)

128.5 (no change.)

Not a gain Like I thought!
I don't want to go back to counting if I don't need to, so between now and Tuesday I am going to really make an effort to watch what (and when) I eat. I hope to be 128 even by Tuesday. I am ready to be able to fit into my jeans and pants from before baby!

A Week Without Counting


No change. I will continue to go by hunger and fullness (not counting calories) until Tuesday. If I have gained by then (which I likely will...have a birthday party and company coming in) then I will go back to counting for a few days.

Update and Some Changes

Tuesday's Weigh-In...Long Overdue:
I just have been busy...)

128.5 (down 1!)

I am transitioning to not counting calories. Not like I have been great about keeping track anyway, but...

My plan is this. To go by hunger and fullness. I also am not eating sweets except for weekends. I will weigh-in on Tuesday officially as well as a "check-up" on Friday. Based on those weigh-ins, I will decide weather or not I need to go back to calorie counting until the next weigh-in.

Basically nursing a 7 month old (without supplementing) has made me need to eat a lot more than usual. I am hungry all of the time. So it is easy right now to go by hunger and fullness. That is also why it is hard to keep track of what I eat. I eat about 10 times per day some days. Mostly snacks, though. :-)

Monday, 2.15

Hopefully not too much damage done.

Took the weekend off. Ate sweets...esp. yesterday...


coffee/breakfast: 400
snack: 275
lunch: 475 (1050 left)
snack: 225 (825 left)
snack#2: 350 (475 left)

Friday, 2.12

coffee/breakfast: 325
snack: 300
lunch: 350 (1025 left)

Thursday, 2.11

Looking at my hunger level, weight loss and the fact that I am still exclusively breastfeeding a 7 month old, I have decided it's wise to up my calories to 2200 per day...

coffee/snack: 125
breakfast: 425
snack: 225
lunch: 500
snack/coffee: 275 (625 left)
dinner: 500
snack: 175 (50 over)

Tuesday, 2.9

Weigh-in: 129.5...down 0.5!

coffee/breakfast: 300

Then I got really busy and just didn't keep track. Now I can't rememeber, but I can tell by my hunger/fullness levels that I was within range or close enough. Will TRY to log tomorrow, but it will be an even busier day so I don't know...

Monday, 2.8

coffee/breakfast: 225
lunch: 885
coffee/snack: 125 (765 left)
dinner: 750
snack: 100 (over by 85)


Ok. I have been a bad logger. I know. I don't know why except I just haven't taken the time or I forget or whatever. Here I go again...

Saturday, 2.6

coffee/snack: 100
brunch: 625
snack/coffee: 300 (975 left)

Friday, 2.5

coffee/breakfast: 250
snack: 250
lunch: 650 (850 left)
I don't remember all I did until dinner and dinner itself...but wasn't bad at all. Then there was dessert. About 1000 cals for dessert which I know put me way over :-( Oh well...tomorrow is a new day!

Thursday, 2.4

snack: 100
coffee/breakfast: 300
snack: 100
lunch: 400
snacks/coffee: 300 (800 left)
dinner/dessert/coffee: Honestly not sure...was at friend's house Probably about 1000 (200 over)

Wednesday, 2.3

coffee/breakfast: 125
snack: 225
lunch: 600 (1050 left)
snack: 300
dinner: 600
snack: 125 (25 left)

Tuesday, 2.2

weigh-in: 130 No change

I have been a horrible logger. I will really try to log everything today!

coffee/breakfast: 250
snack: 125
lunch: 370
snack: 300
dinner: 450
snack: 200 (305 left)

Can that be right? Maybe I missed something somewhere...

Friday, 1.29

coffee/breakfast: 425
snack: 500
lunch/coffee: 225 (850 left)

Thursday, 1.28

coffee/breakfast: 350
snack: 250
lunch: 450
snack/coffee: 150 (800 left)

Went over for sure...home made enchiladas for dinner.
So, Wed and Thurs I was bad logging...will be better FRI!

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